November reminds me of Norman Rockwell’s painting of a turkey being served on a platter. This painting showed us an idealized Thanksgiving dinner. Norman Rockwell demonstrates the power every artist possesses. With his brush he influenced how we see our past, how we perceive our present, and what we aspire to become.

This month’s art tip is Mark Carter’s Geneva color palette – Cadmium yellow light hue, French Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson. He shows us how to paint a masterpiece with the three primary colors. Mark Carter has several instructional videos on YouTube that will help us transition from an ordinary artist to a great artist. And they are all free. Check them out.

And if you would like personal instruction from a master artist we have a wild-life painting workshop by Trevor Swanson on December 6, 2019 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Trevor is an absolute master. He will provide an overview of the design and painting process used to create a finished work. I have paid several hundred dollars for a similar workshop at art schools. Be sure to check out the AAG website for examples of his work and details of his workshop.

AAG has several exhibitions coming up. The Winter Exhibition with $900 in prizes (did that get your attention) and then the Body of Work exhibition in February. Check out the website for details.

Then on December 13, 2019 we have the most exciting event of the year – Artstravaganza. It is open to you and your friends. There will be a full blown glass blowing event where you can make your own glass art piece. Plus David Bradley will have his pottery kiln blazing hot and bright. There you can decorate and glaze your own pottery, have fun, learn a lot, and take home your masterpiece.

If you have any questions or inquiries direct them to me at And don’t forget to check out the AAG website . There is a wealth of information plus several past newsletters to guide you.

Congratulations to AAG’s Deena Hunker Sanks for winning first prize in a prestigious exhibition held at Quality Collectors Fine Art Gallery. She painted a portrait of her stainless-steel brush washing can. How creative is that? Next time you are searching for something to paint look no further than what is in front of you – perhaps it is your coffee cup or a celery stick with cream cheese. Deena proves that hard work and dedication to your craft are important stepping stones toward success.

In closing, be sure you are at the general meeting November 19, at 5PM. We will preview future workshops and events. Also sculpture Arthur Norby will do a free demo. Plus there is a critique session so bring along a piece of art to be critiqued. Oh yes, need I mention that we have delicious snacks. It does not get better than that.
I hope to see you on November 19, 2019 at AAG.
Ivan Halvorson