AAG Monthly Meetings

Join us on the third Tuesday of each month (except December) for an evening of networking with artists of all media, informative and entertaining presentations by experts in their fields, critiques of members artwork, a raffle, and competition for Artist of the Month.

A pre-meeting social hour begins at 5 p.m. with a pot-luck finger-food buffet. Feel free to bring something for the table to share.

You do not need to be a member to attend.

Meeting timeline*:
5:00-5:30: Social Time
5:30-6:30: Artwork Critique
6:30-7:00: Social Time
7:00-7:15: Announcements
7:15-8:30: Guest Presentation
*times are subject to change and summer schedule may vary.  Be sure to arrive early so you don’t miss out.

AAG hosts an informative orientation for new members beginning at 3:30 prior to the general meeting.  Click here to learn more and to register to learn how to get the most from your membership!

Artist of the Month

New Changes for 2024-2025!!!
For years, AAG has worked with a September through May calendar due to the high number of members who were snowbirds.  However, with more members in town for the summer, AAG is changing to a 12-month calendar.  Please note the changes to the Artist of the Month competion for the upcoming year as outlined below.

This monthly competition is open to all members who attend the Monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month (except December).

Starting with the September 2024 meeting, members are invited to bring one piece of art to the meeting for the competition.  During each monthly meeting, members vote for one piece of art entered in the Artist of the Month competition. Each Artist of the Month winner receives a ribbon, a cash prize of $25, and the opportunity to compete for Artist of the Year during the November 2025 meeting.  Once an artist receives the Artist of the Month distinction they are ineligible to enter for the remainder of the year.

All artists will be celebrated at a show and reception for their work at the January 2026 Meeting.

Click here to learn more about the Artist of the Month program and how you can participate.


There are so many ways you can be a part of this vibrant community.

Schedule of Monthly Presenters


Anette Smith
Watercolor Portrait
Working from photo reference I will be painting a watercolor portrait of Alejandro Aguilar dressed as a troubadour from the Middle Ages. I will demonstrate my first lay-in wash blocking in big shapes, and then further develop the painting describing how I go about painting the  features of the face, hair, and clothing. While demoing I will discuss my use of color, brushwork, and controlling edges. There will be lots of drips and painting outside the lines
working to achieve an expressive portrait study.

Annette Smith bio


Melanie Harman
Abstract collage with hand painted papers
Creating an abstract collage using papers that have been directly painted, stamped, or printed with a gel plate. Design issues such as color choice and saturation, dominance, and value. Technical issues such as what substrate, glue choice and clean up.

Melanie Harman bio


The 2024 Scholarship Recipients Presentation

Since 1993 the Arizona Artist Guild Scholarship program has recognized the outstanding achievements of Arizona based students pursuing a studio arts education. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the scholarship program highlights success at varying stages in young artists’ careers. This year Arizona Artists Guild partnered with Arizona Clay Association to recognize outstanding work in clay, Arizona Watercolor Association to recognize students working with watermedia in new and unique ways.

Join us to meet the rising stars of the Arizona Art Community.


Dyanne Locati
An Approach to Painting
How do I begin a painting? What is the thought process? Where do I find a subject? What materials do I use to portray the image?
These are some of the questions that will be discussed during a demonstration at the May 21st AAG meeting. Watch Dyanne Locati show how she will begin a painting, then present the process and talk about the materials used in the creation.


Dyanne Locati bio


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