AAG Leadership Team

AAG has a vibrant board of artists with diverse and varied background.
AAG Board members are voted in during the September meeting.
The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, September – May.  Email info@ArizonaArtistsGuild.net if you would like to attend a board meeting or add an item to the agenda.

Board of Directors:

President’s Team


Vice Presidents

AAG Committees

It really does take a village.  This is a long list of names of volunteers who bring AAG to life.  Many hands make light work.  
Want to get involved, but not sure what to do?  Email info@ArizonaArtistsGuild.net to schedule a time to meet.  Together we make a difference.

Vice President: Carol Bendell
Meeting Programs: OPEN
Workshop Chair: Cynthis Dunn-Selph
Workshop Committee:  Carole Matthews
Scholarships Chair:  Tess Mosko Scherer
Scholarships Chair:  Melanie Mead
Life Drawing Chair: Tom Mura
Life Drawing Co-Chair:  Jennifer Henry
Sculptors’ Group Chair John Kaskela  
Sculptors’ Group Chair: Melanie Mead  
Photography Group: Patrick Williams
Photography Group: Dianne Burkhardt
Monday Open Studio Chair: Carole Matthews
Open Studio Co-Chair: Jim Kinne
Wednesday Open Studio Co-Chair: John Erwin
Artist of the Month:  Wayne Holden

Community Outreach Program
VP’s of Community Outreach Program:
Tess Mosko Scherer and David Bradley
Senior Center Exhibitions:
 Beatitudes:  Hank Keneally 
beatitudes installation team: Tom Sharp
beatitudes installation team: Melanie Harman
beatitudes installation team: Carole Matthews

Vice President: Melanie Harman
Exhibition Committee recption hospitality Michelle Heilman
Exhibition Receptions: reception staging Tom Sharp
Exhibition Photography Jack Yardley
Exhibition Committee Installation Team:  
Jim Kinne
 Arlene Miller
 Carole Mathews
Exhibitions – Intake:
Kim Duprest
Michiko Dagneault
Cynthia Dunn-Selph

Vice President: OPEN
Newsletter Editor: Kimber Jones
Newsletter Proofreader:  Alice
Newsletter Distribution:  Alice Pelchat
Webmaster:  OPEN
Historian:  Carole Matthews
Historian:  Marjorie Rogers   
E-Blast:   Elise Poll
Social Media: OPEN

Vice President | Laura Cohen-Hogan 
Co-Vice President Kim Woods
New Member Orientation: Susan Holt
Committee Member | Ann Osgood
Committee Member (greeters) Sally Abbey
Committee Member Linda Cook
Committee Member Vivian Anderson

Vice President | Jim Kinne
Calendar of Events | Kimber Jones
Art Supply Exchange | Alice Pelchat
Art Supply Exchange | Carole Matthews
Reference Library | Alice Pelchat

Meeting Logistics
Vice President:  Tom Sharp
Committee Members: Jim Kinne
Hospitality Chair:  Michelle Heilman
Hospitality Co-Chair:  OPEN
Raffle: OPEN
Co-Raffle: Linda Thiel
Raffle: Jennifer Henry – Az Art Supply gift certificate liaison