Since its inception in 1928, Arizona Artists Guild has promoted the arts through education, exhibition and outreach.

Community outreach is the cornerstone of the Arizona Artists Guild’s activities, and is the main focus of our organization. We recognize the impact that art has on people’s lives and it’s potential for facilitating healing, which is immeasurable. AAG recognizes the value of the arts in how it enriches lives. Guild members and Outreach Program participants alike relate stories about how their lives were changed through their own exposure to Fine Art, be it at an early age or later in life when they could pursue a life long urge that had been repressed due to family and career obligations.

Tuition-Free Monthly Art Classes
AAG provides tuition-free monthly art classes to underserved segments of our community who find an improved quality of life through making art. To follow are descriptions of each program. If you are interested in participating either as volunteer or participant, please email

We recognize that everyone’s situation and needs are different. Our program is not therapy or intended to replacement counseling. We encourage participants to engage in any form of therapy, counseling or support that suits their needs.

Veterans Art Outreach Program: In recognition of the sacrifice made in service to our country, AAG has created a program to provide free art instruction for Veterans of US military service. This program meets on the fourth Saturday of the month to instruct and inspire. Email David Bradley for more information.  Click here for the class schedule and links to register.

Partial funding provided by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council

This project is supported in part by the Arizona Art Alliance
which receives support from the Arizona Department of Veteran Services.

Suicide Survivors: Arizona Artists Guild offers tuition-free art classes to Suicide Survivors. This program is designed specifically for friends and families who have lost a loved one to suicide as well as those who have attempted suicide and survived. Attendees will receive the benefits of expression, social interaction with others, and the enjoyment of quality time engaged in a creative activity. Working alongside one another so that they can meet and share with people in similar situations.
This project is supported in partnership and funding from Your Art Your Story


Since 1993, AAG has provided financial aid to Arizona’s college level fine-art students. These scholarships offer invaluable validation, financial support, and creative encouragement. In addition to the scholarship funds, AAG has partnered with Shemer Art Center and Museum to host an exhibit of scholarship recipients’ work. This is a significant opportunity for art students to have work shown at the prestigious museum. Both organizations have a long history with the Arts in Arizona. AAG Scholarship Program

Visions of Possibilities Exhibitions

An art exhibition in partnership with The Beatitudes Assisted Living Community, a senior care facility in central Phoenix. Juried Members of AAG are invited to a one or two-person three-month-long exhibit. Rotating quarterly, residents of the Beatitudes and their families enjoy the changing exhibitions and the opportunity to enjoy art when often they cannot get out to experience it at museums or galleries. Visions of Possibilities Fine Arts Exhibition | AAG Community Service Project at Beatitudes

AAG Outreach Program Leadership Team

Lisa Wayman, Tess Mosko Scherer, David L. Bradley, Kristel Nielsen and Karen Weingartner