AAG hosts virtual and in person classes for Veterans and Creative Journey (formerly known as the Survivors of Suicide class) on the Fourth Saturday of each month.

class schedule and links to register.

Monthly art classes for US military veterans

In recognition of the sacrifice made in service to our country, AAG offers a program to provide free art instruction for Veterans of US military service. The class provides the opportunity for Veterans to discover and develop their own creative artistic abilities.


Open to Veterans this program meets on the fourth Saturday of the month. Classes are held simultaneously in-person and via zoom. Class space is limited. Please email info@azartalliance.net for more information and to register for the class.

When: the fourth Saturday of each month | 10:00 am
Location: AAG and Zoom.

Program Objectives
Participants will demonstrate understanding of Art techniques and concepts including compositional balance, value, perspective, 3d illusionistic techniques, and color, through the use of graphite pencils, charcoal, markers, pens, watercolor, acrylic paint, collage and photography.

Each monthly session:
new concepts will be introduced, techniques demonstrated, practiced and explained, and previously introduced concepts will be reviewed. This course is designed to introduce concepts of Art using traditional drawing media. These concepts and techniques are based on traditional academic art instruction, and provide the artist with a fundamental approach to making art.

Concepts/Techniques to be covered in AAG Veterans Art Program:
Gesture drawing | Value study | Reductive drawing
Color wheel | Analogous color | Complementary color | Linear perspective
Aerial perspective | Contour line | Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance
Masterpiece studies | Digital photography | Figure study | and more

This project is supported in part by the Arizona Art Alliance which receives support from the Arizona Department of Veteran Services.

Direct questions to program chairs:
David L. Bradley | 602 828 4713 | davlbradly@gmail.com | www.davidbradleyart.com

Tess Mosko Scherer | 928-300-7185 |info@azartalliance.net | https://moskoscherer.com/