AAG Winter Exhibition

Arizona Artists Guild
Juried Exhibition of Fine Art

The exhibition will be available for viewing at Arizona Artists Guild, 18411 N. 7th Ave. in Phoenix, AZ 85023,
Mondays 9am-noon, Wednesdays 1-4 during Open Studio,
during AAG events, or by appointment.

Best Of Show

What Did you Learn in School Today by Matthew Werner

Award of Excellence

Fun in the Water by John Javes

Award of Merit

The Roofer by Gloria Cuadraz

Honorable Mention

Garden Worker by Melanie Harmon

Close Encounter by Lindy Swinney

Sweepers by Lee Brown




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Amy Newton-McConnel Parallel of Latitude

Candice Diaz
Little Squash Blossom

Debra Goley
Truth Or Consequences

Ellen Van Pelt
Keeper of the Hallway

Ilona Halderman
Fall is in the Air

Joan McGue

Kimber Jones, The monGraffiti Gallery

Lindy Swinney
Close encounter

Melanie Harman
Garden Worker

Timothy Oxley
Alter Ego

Dean Grissom
Basket Platter

Teresa S Prevey
Angle of Repose

Ann Osgood – Juror
Modern Times

Carol L Bendell

Dinorah Metz
Sunlit Cactus

Florine Duffield
Sisters 1902

Ira Della Monica 4 Lavender Horses

John Javes
Fun in the water

Kristin Dragos
Yoshi’s Controller Collection Original

M. Beth Page
Sunflowers In A Bottle

Melissa Newman Stanchock Last Breath Underwater

Velvet Tetrault
DESIRE 2: Cunning

Dean Grissom
Basket Vessel

Maripat Kudray-Flores Faces in the Clouds

Ashley Celesius
Saguaro National Park in January

Caroline Chilton
Covid 19 IV

Donna Ceraulo

Gloria Cuádraz
The Roofer

Jacki Cohen

John Javes

Lee Brown

Maria Karlosak, Delight From the Sky

Nancy Breiman

Vivian Andersen
Bloom On

Dean Grissom
Basket Bowl

Bozena Pilat
Endless Traveler

Christopher Forslund, Schoodic Fret,

Douglas Sydnor

Gloria Cuádraz
Calla Lily Joy

Jean L. Rossman

Julian Miraj Miranda
Cazador Guacamayo

Lesa Nivens
Flower Heaven

Natalie Keller
Flowering Prickly Pear

Vivian Andersen
Poetry of Flowers

John Peelle
Mountain Village

Roger W Fowler
Obstacles of Life

Britt Steinmann
Winter Song

Christopher Forslund, Dream Catcher,

Dyanne Fiorucci

Hank Keneally, The Creative Hand

Jean L. Rossman
Red Rain Blue Boat

Karen Gray
Lone Beauty

Linda Miller
Cactus Beauty

Marsha Wright Autumn Wetland

Patti Hoffert
Seeking Hope

Matthew Werner

Tal Dvir
Posing in Amethyst

Britt Steinmann

DaveKnorr, Recovery Garden

Ellen Nemetz
Mockingbird Morning

Hao Shi

Jim Kinne

Kim Duprest, Tequila Sunset

Linda Thiel
Chelsea’s Surprise

Melanie Harman
Gallery Garden

Patty Schranz

Matthew Werner
What did you learn in school today?   

Tania Ritko
Glowing Flower