A few things you should be aware of:

1. We are an all volunteer organization and do not have paid staff. We ask each user to be responsible for setting up and cleaning up the available furnishings for your event. This is easy to do for your own volunteers.

2. Occasionally there will be a small group using the rear studio/storage room. Each group is asked to respect the other by keeping voices reasonably quiet.

3. We sometimes have exhibitions hanging on two walls and on our movable mounting partitions. Do not move partitions without permission from Building manager.

4. Occasionally there may be a meeting scheduled on an evening when a workshop is going on during the daytime. We have been able to accommodate both by moving tables to the sides and back again the next morning. We ask your cooperation. All our furnishings are easily moved.

5. The kitchen is available, but you must provide your own food, drink, utensils and paper goods and remove any leftovers. We have a large dumpster in the parking lot for waste products.