2022 Veterans Art Exhibition

The 2022 Veterans Art Exhibition features work by US Military Veterans participating in art classes sponsored by the Arizona Art Alliance.  One hundred works of art are on display, ranging from paintings, drawings with ink, pencil, ceramics and scratchboard art.   Join us on June 11 from 2:00-4:00pm for a reception for the artists with light refreshments and a sound bath experience.

Included in the show is a selection of ceramic work created by artists in a two-year program in partnership between Arizona Artists Guild and Paradise Valley Community College.  Twenty-seven veterans participated in a program to research the benefits of a leisure arts program on veterans’ socialization, mood and cognition.  The program was made possible in part to funding by the National Endowment of the Arts.  The class was facilitated by Arizona Art Alliance President and Professor of Art, David L. Bradley and PVCC Adjunct Professor of Art, Frank Krevens, PVCC Professor of Psychology, Caron Sada, Lisa Wayman, RNPhD, and Arizona Art Alliance Executive Director, Tess Mosko Scherer.

The Arizona Art Alliance has been offering classes to veterans since 2013.  The program was spearheaded by John Fontana, founder of the Arizona Art Alliance.  Classes are hosted by Arizona Art Alliance member art organizations throughout the valley and as far north as Prescott.   Since its inception, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of making art and its impact on the quality of life.  “However, it is my belief that it is not enough to make art, it also needs to be seen.  I consider it to be a rite of passage for the veterans to not only make art, but to display it.  We have been hosting art classes for veterans since 2013 and believe the exhibition is equally important as the classes themselves.  We hope you will come out in support of our veterans to see the show.” Arizona Art Alliance Executive Director, Tess Mosko Scherer.

The Arizona Art Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating growth in the Arizona arts community by empowering arts organizations to meet their goals of providing arts events, instruction, and community outreach; to promote the visual arts through collaboration with member organizations, strategic partnerships and community involvement; and to bring artist organizations together in collaboration and cooperation of the promotion of fine art, arts education and community outreach.

During the reception on June 11 guests will get to participate in a Sound Bath experience by Steve Hanson of Realign Your Life Wellness Center, Mesa Az.  Steve offers free weekly sound bath experience to Veterans.  Essentially a Sound Bath is an experience where you are bathed in gentle sound from soothing instruments such as crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. As the sound washes over you the frequencies from the instruments help promote relaxation and restoration within the body, mind, and spirit.  During the reception on June 11, Steve will provide several 15-minute mini-sound baths.  He knows the benefits of the sound bath and want to share the benefits with Veterans.  Contact him through his website to learn more about his sound baths, realignyourlifeaz.com.

Classes can be found in Phoenix at Arizona Artists Guild;  in Surprise at WHAM (What’s Happening Art Movement), in Cave Creek at the Sonoran Arts League, in Prescott at the Mountain Artists Guild; and in Mesa at the Mesa Artists League.  For more information on the classes or how you can support the program, please visit AzArtAlliance.com or contact via email info@AzArtAlliance.com