Oil or Acylic

I will be demonstrating the basics of composition and then into the stages of how I paint from start to finish. Focusing on the final details and fine lines that I am known for.

Trevor’s Story

Trevor V. Swanson is one of the most gifted and promising wildlife artists in the world today. Coming from a long line of talented artists, Trevor is a brilliant example of inspired talent passing from one generation to another. Trevor started painting at a very young age and launched his career by age 20.

By the age of 25, Trevor had won several artistic competitions, including the coveted “Artist of the Year” award from the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep. As a result of his exceptional talent, Trevor’s reputation has soared to an early prominence in the world of fine art.

Trevor has traveled extensively throughout the world to capture rare and beautiful moments. He pursues a much deeper discovery on canvas. His artwork celebrates the majesty of untamed wildlife and beauty of unspoiled environments. “I paint realistically because the beauty of life is in the little things. The multi-colored moss growing on the rock where a wolf is standing, and the light beaming through tree branches onto the fur of a bear; are the details that breathe life into the painting. I try hard to portray these subtle elements of tone and mood because they complete the story being told.”

“I love to lose myself in the rich color and vivid detail of my own brush strokes and discover only later where it has taken me. It gets more exciting all the time.

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