Membership Survey

Please answer the questions below.  Thanks in advance for your time.

Are you currently a Member of AAG?

If you are currently NOT a member, please answer the following questions.  If you are a member, you may skip this part.

Have you considered joining AAG?
Are you an artist?
How often do you make art?


Please answer the questions below as they pertain to the past 12 months.

Do you attend OPEN STUDIO, if so, what frequency?
Do you attend LIFE DRAWING, if so, what frequency?
Have you attended one or more WORKSHOPS this year?
Do you enter artwork in AAG EXHIBITIONS
Do you participate in any of the groups hosted by AAG?

The Art Supply Exchange is a popular program at AAG.

Have you donated to the Art Supply Exchange?
Have you purchased from the Art Supply Exchange?

OUTREACH CLASSES: AAG offers monthly classes: Veterans: in-person for Veterans of US Military Creative Distraction: for Veterans, and people experiencing grief, loss, isolation, and healthcare workers Creative Journey: for people whose lives have been touched by suicide, grief, loss, isolation.  Also open to Veterans and Healthcare workers.

Have you ever attended any of the following classes. Check all that apply

Section 3 - Monthly Meetings:

AAG hosts monthly meetings from September through May, except December. This year AAG will continue to host the meetings through the summer months.  The meetings will have a slightly different format, but will include a guest presenter and a modified critique.  The Artist of the Month competition wil be on hiatus. Help us improve the year-round meetings by providing your feedback and your opinions.

Do you attend the monthly meetings?
If yes, which statement best describes your attendance
What type of presentations do you prefer? Select as many that apply.

Artist of the Month Competition: AAG hosts an Artist of the Month competition during the monthly meetings.

Have you entered work in the Artist of the Month Competition?
Did you bring work to the meetings for the art critique?
What is your opinion on the art critique?

Section 4 -Communications:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success.  AAG uses social media, the website and the newsletter to communicate with the membership and the community.  We would like to know what is most effective to deliver information.  Please provide feedback as to what is the best way to communicate with you.

How often do you visit the website?

The website has undergone many changes in the past few years.  Please let us know your opinion on the website and the ease or challenges you face using it.

Which statement/s best describes your experience with the website?
Do you receive the on-line newsletter?
Which statement/s best describes your experience with the online newsletter?

Section 5 - Volunteering:

AAG runs on the generosity of time and spirit from our members.  Volunteers make everything happen.  Tell us a little about your experiences at AAG.

Do you volunteer at AAG?

Section 6:  We want to hear from you.

Thank you for your participation in this survey.  AAG wil luse this information to better serve its members and visitors.