September 14, 2024   | 9:00-Noon
Kintsugi with Kristel, Tess and special guest artist Margot Stipe

The Japanese art of kintsugi is an ancient practice of repairing broken ceramics with gold. In this workshop, participants are invited to select a ceramic bowl to break, paint, and repair, in the spirit of the kintsugi method.

“Kintsugi reminds us that life, like things, can and do break and fall apart, but that with careful and attentive repair, there can be new beauty, strength, character, a different kind of wholeness, and continued usefulness.” Yasko Endo

Materials List:
Ceramic Bowl
Spray Gesso
Quick Hold Glue
Polyurethane Sealer
Gold Paint Pen (optional)
Sharpies, nail polish, colored pencil, pastels
Gold leaf pen, gold sharpie, gold acrylic paint, etc
Quick Hold Glue

Email Tess with questions.