“Wild About Watercolor”  Workshop with John Erwin

Materials List:

Please bring your normal watercolor materials.

The materials listed below are items you may want to bring.

Paper:  At least two quarter sheets of watercolor paper.

Feel free to bring large sheets of paper. Please bring a good quality  watercolor paper.  I will have some paper for sale. I will be demonstrating on half sheets of watercolor paper.

Brushes:  You will need several watercolor brushes:

  1. Either a number 10 or 12 round brush
  2. A inch flat brush
  3. A tooth brush

A plastic card (old credit card) for scrapping

Watercolor paints:

Please bring the paints you usually use.

You may wish to include:

Cerulean, quinacrodone gold,  burnt seinna,

ultramarine blue, cadmiun yellow, and sap  green.


Other things:

Paper towels-a pencil and a spray bottle

Feel free to contact me if you have questions:


I am looking forward to a fun filled workshop!