Workshop for Creating Abstract Cities
Join us for an exciting class in learning how to paint city scenes in an abstract form. We will
paint with freedom and expression using our intuition.
We will explore a variety of methods and color schemes to create a design and set a mood.
With demonstrations and a step-by-step procedure, we will create wonderful scenes.
You will soon develop your own way of applying paint and composing lively urban scenes.
Come join us for this fun-filled workshop!


(Member $35/Non-Member $40)

Important:  The ability to attend this workshop via Zoom is not guaranteed.  It depends on the availability of the Zoom coordinator and a minimum of 4 attendees.  If you select the Zoom option please contact Vivian 602-793-7973 the week before the workshop to verify availibility.

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If you are not directed to the payment page please correct your information and try again, or contact Vivian at 602-7937973.