What Do I Get Out of It?

 I can speak from personal experience here.  Yes, I do spend a lot of my free time working for AAG,  That is my choice.  What I get back is  more than worth the time.  I have made many many new friends.  I have learned new skills.  I am keeping my brain sharp.  And I get to pat  myself on the back for making a contribution to a worthwhile organization.

 What can you get out of being involved?  You want to be a superstar in the organization and possibly within the community?  The   opportunity is there.  Do you just want to be a little more of a member of the AAG community?  The opportunity is there as well.  You decide   how much time and effort you want to spend and what you would like to receive back.  We don’t judge.  We are happy to have your   participation.

How Can I Participate?

This is not a comprehensive list.


Zoom Operator
Newsletter Contributor
New Member Greeter
Meeting Logistics
President’s Assistant
Membership Assistant
Exhibition Team
Assistants to the Historian
Building Maintenance on-call
Art Workshop Committee
Newsletter Distribution
Hospitality Committee
Video Recording Demonstrations