In this class you’ll learn how to paint a beautiful and dynamic contemporary wolf in acrylics using palette knife, drywall scraper, and brushes. Bruce will teach you a process to create incredible textures and color variations with techniques that he’s developed in his over 40 years of being an artist. You’ll also learn how to paint eyes that draw you in and so feel as if you’re looking into the animals soul.

Artwork touches us on a personal, primitive level- this is why people are so passionate about art. When a piece resonates with you, you feel it in your soul, and it changes you with every viewing. Many people think of art as something to look at, but it’s so much more than that. It’s really a very interactive, and experiential, medium.”..

A Contemporary Impressionist painter whose work explodes with vivid color and complex texture, Marion’s art is represented in galleries throughout the United States and is collected worldwide.

For a short video of Bruce’s method click here

$70 (Members) $80 (Non-Members)

Important: The ability to attend this workshop via Zoom is not guaranteed. It depends on the availability of the Zoom coordinator and a minimum of 4 attendees. If you select the Zoom option please contact Vivian 602-793-7973 the week before the workshop to verify availability.

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