AAG Body of Work Exhibition

Body of Work Juried Exhibition
Open to all current AAG Associate Members

Exhibition Dates: April 16, 2022 – May 20, 2022
Opening Reception: April 19, 2022 during general meeting
Entries Due Deadline: March 23, 2022

The objective of this exhibition is to give AAG Associate Members an opportunity to display a current Body of Work. Each artist accepted must display three pieces that were created in the same medium and are stylistically and thematically consistent with each other. As you select your entries for the Body of Work exhibition, imagine you were invited to exhibit in a gallery. You would want to convey that the same artist was responsible for all of the artworks.

Entry Fees
$40 for three pieces of art.

For complete description and details click here for Prospectus

Fill in the form below. You must submit three images. Images must be no larger than 5MB or 6 inches on the longest side Image files requirements: name your files with your last name, a space, entry number. Example: Smith 1; Smith 2; Smith 3.

The quality of the photograph reflects the quality of your work.

The information you provide below will be used on the labels with the art.  Please be sure you include the appropriate information.

Submission Number One:

Submission Number Two:

Submission Number Three:

Hold Harmless Agreement

I have read and understand the entire contents of this Call for Entries and though every effort will be made to protect submitted  works of art, I understand that the Arizona Artists Guild cannot be responsible for damaged or loss to either the artwork or any  framing. I hereby declare that these submitted pieces have not been accepted in any previous AAG exhibition, and have been  completed in the last two years.

I have read the Hold Harmless Agreement and agree to the terms *

If you are having difficulty submitting this form, please contact Vivian at 602-793-7973