Artist of the Year 

The Artist of the Year  annual competition is open to the year’s winners of the Artist of the Month. Artist of the Month winners will display 3 pieces of art at the May meeting. The winning piece for Artist of the Month should be included plus two additional pieces.  If the winning piece is sold or unavailable. a good reproduction may be substituted. Members vote for the Artist of the Year. The Winner is ineligible to enter the competition the following year.

Artist of the Month/Year Annual Exhibition:
Every September the Artist of the Year and the Artists of the Month are celebrated in an exhibition and reception at the September meeting. Each artist is asked to submit 3 pieces of art for exhibit for a few weeks in September. More information about this show will be sent to the participating artists.

Gallery of Winners of the Artist of the Year Competition

Artist of the Year 2022- 2023   
Melanie Harman | Golden Time | Watercolor


Artist of the Year 2021 – 2022   
Alan J Vaughn

2020-2021 Artist of the Year
Henry Bosak | COFFEE WITH THE FAMILY | Acrylic | 8 x 10

Artist of the Year  2019-2020
Jody Miles | Good Friends

2016-2017 Artist of the Year
Harold Baldwin |  Veloscpedist

Ann Osgood Downtown_Arizona_Artists_Guild

Artist of the Year 2015-2016
Ann Osgood | Downtown

Mother's Love by Aileen Garvey

Artist of the Year 2014-2015
Aileen Garvey |Mother’s Love