How to become a Juried Member of AAG

Associate members can apply to become a Juried Member when your artwork has been accepted in three (3) AAG juried membership shows.  That is,  three different pieces of art that have been juried into three different shows.   For example, you have three pieces accepted into the Winter Show, that counts as 1 piece, 1 show.  Then you have a piece accepted into the Spring Show, that counts for 1 piece, 1 show.  Lastly, you have a piece accepted into the Statewide show that counts for your 3rd piece, 3rd show and you are eligible to apply for Juried Status.

It is your responsibility as an Associate Member to maintain a complete record of your acceptance in the Guild shows.
The information you will need:
-Title of Show
-Date of Show
-Title of Artwork Accepted
-Name/s of Juror

Directions for submitting by mail:
Print the application on the last page of the AAG By-laws.
Fill in the required fields.
Mail the application to:
Membership Chairperson
PO Box 41534
Phoenix, AZ 85080

To be considered for Juried Membership, applicants must be members in good standing with annual dues paid in full.

Lapsed Membership:
Payment of delinquent dues within two (2) years reinstates the member without re-jurying of artwork.  Thereafter you must re-apply for juried membership as stated above.

Juried Member Application

Instructions: Enter the information for the 3 AAG exhibitions your work has been juried into.

Exhibition One:

Exhibition Two:

Exhibition Three: