In February, 2021 the AAG board voted unanimously to induct Alicia Plogman into the Hall of Fame.   Alicia works diligently behind the scenes with nearly every committee chair to make every program and event at AAG successful.  She greets everyone with a smile, knowing them by name and the type of art they make.  She is always looking for ways to make AAG better.  She is the heart and soul of AAG.

It is difficult to capture all that Alicia does.  During my presidency, we talked regularly about everything happening at AAG, focusing on the details so that every event, program, and exhibition ran smoothly and successfully.  She attends every event and eager to jump in to help anywhere she sees it is needed.  And if it is something she can’t do; she finds someone who can. 

In short….Alicia coordinates with building users so they have access to the building and know where to find everything….runs the Art Supply Exchange with Alice Pelchat, picking up donations, sorting, pricing, contacting members for supplies they might enjoy or need….works with the Rae Gets, newsletter editor, ensuring the accuracy of information – because she is involved with it ALL!!…works with Jim Kinne to maintain the building…suggests artists for meeting presentations and workshops….she reviews the website and suggests edits…..she volunteers at every event, workshop, meeting, fundraiser, outreach program, exhibition or anything else we may do.

Since Covid, Alicia has maintained a schedule at AAG creating a safe space for people to shop and visit and stay connected during this unprecedented time.

Alicia is hardworking and determined.  She brings insight and humor to her endeavors.

In addition to AAG she is an active member in the Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona, the Arizona Art Alliance and the Shemer Art Center.  She effortlessly networks among the groups so that no one misses an opportunity.  When I became Executive Director of the Arizona Art Alliance Alicia immediately offered to work with me to assure success in our FunRaisers and Exhibitions, and generally assist me as I make my way in this new position.

AAG would not be where it is today if we did not have Alicia Plogman on our team.  She is an integral part of the community and a value to us all.  Personally, I am honored to be her friend and am blessed to have her in my life.  Congratulations and Gratitude, Alicia. 

–  Tess Mosko Scherer