Another FunRaiser!

AAG is so much more than an arts organization. It is a community of artists inspiring and igniting one another.

AAG created an emblem to represent AAG to the public. Jim Kinne captured the flavor of the mural on the outside of the building, David Bradley selected the font, Alice Pelchat pulled it all together working with the printer to make it all happen.

It is more than a bumper sticker. It represents the vitality and artistry of AAG; the community of artists who come together in the spirit of support, community, mutual respect and art making.

And if that is not enough – It is a way to identify your car in the parking lot!

Send us pictures of the bumper sticker on your car. Where are you taking your bumper sticker – or where is your bumper sticker taking you? Have fun with this!! send to

Get your sticker at AGG for $5 on Mondays from 9 to 12 or contact Alicia 602-944-9713 for other times

Bumper Sticket *


Photobomb Arizona with the AAG bumper sticker:
#PhotobombPhx  #PhotobombPhoenix #PhotobombAZ #AAGSticker #ArizonaArtistsGuild
Be sure to include these hashtags when you post on social media.