12th Annual Statewide Exhibition
Juried Exhibition of Fine Art

Bearer of the Dawn

Bela Fidel

Symphony Of The Cosmos

Hank Keneally

Narcissus Lives

Lee Brown

Shibori Dreams

Cynthia Dunn-Selph


Maria Karlosak


Donna Ceraulo


Iris R Linay

Echo in Blue

Yunie LeNoue

Father Time

Marvella Frey

Take More Chances Dance More Dances

Kimber Jones

Basket Platter 376

Dean Grissom

Summer Breeze in Burano

Pamela Root

Slime soup

Gianni Mauricio Escobar

All Dressed Up

Sue Eddy

The Taos Women

Ed Browne


Becca Farmer


Janet Amiri


Stacy Marko

We are all connected now

Dennis Wunsch

Wild and Free

Dianne Burkhardt

Notre Dame

M J M Weaver

Michael Corleone

Martina Lomas

Along for a Ride

Judy Wegenast

The Mothers

Rafiq Majeed


Elissa Nowacki

Ecoute!...le Clairon Chante, 1914

TJ Oxley

Prickly Pear's Last Bloom

Becca Farmer

Figure, Book and Goldfish

Tal Dvir

The Heart of Ukraine

Barbara Dahlstedt

Rattler In The Rocks

Sonja Jones

Life is Sweeter Together

Craig Anthony Lomas

Golden Time

Melanie Harman

You May Dig Deeper

Ashley Walden

The Astronomers House

Lynn Smith

Saguaro Up Close

Rupali Holmes

The Soloist

Ellen Nemetz

Westward Sky View

Carol Lei Bendell


Sun Bauer

Bighorn Boss

Sonja Jones

Sgraffito Vase

Teresa Gilchrist

Cactus Wren Duet

Karen Gray

Seeing Dots!

Linda Miller

slip sliding away


Deep in Thought

Kristi James

North of Alpine

Tom Herbert

Snow Bunny

Lisa Eve Costanza

Cholla cactus

Anfaney Gladwin

Pink Kitty Clyde

Ira DellaMonica


Lee Davenport

Bird of Paradise


Serenity at Sunset

Henry Bosak

Turn The Light On

Melissa Newman Stanchock

Embers of the Desert

Jules Gallatig

Boulders In The Sun

Dyanne Locati

We Will Rebuild

Martina J. Skobic


Igal Kogan

Neuro Self-Portrait

Luis Zamora

Five Special Bottles in Morning Light

Carol Quijada

Reshaping Downtown Phoenix

Candice Diaz

Into the Light

Darrell Sheppard