AAG Winter Exhibition 2023

Arizona Artists Guild
Juried Exhibition of Fine Art

The AAG Winter Exhibition has become an annual tradition. Open to all members of Arizona Artists Guild the show highlights the breadth, depth and diversity of AAG members’ art. This is an exhibition not to be missed. 

The show continues through December 19, 2023 at AAG. You can visit the show in person at AAG during Open Studio (Mondays 8am to noon and Wednesdays (1pm to 4pm) and during the General Meeting November 21 at 5:30pm and December 19 at 5:30pm). The exhibition is also open by appointment 602-944-9713.

Meet the jurors

Britt Steinmann
European-American artist Britt Steinmann is best known for her vibrant palette
and powerful contemporary painting style in various media – favorite being acrylics. In
this medium Britt’s technique of using fast drying paints combined with graphic elements
and often small collage fragments affords her the excitement of artistic challenges and
spontaneity. It allows her to build compositions through experimentation with strong
aspects of color, form, and contrasts.
Britt’s work has been shown and published in numerous exhibition catalogues and
brochures of professional galleries and art museums in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Ms.
Steinmann was also featured in a publication as one of the international artists working
in Germany – representing the USA.
A substantial portion of Britt’s work has been purchased by the Art Museum of her city
of residence during her 15-year stay in Europe, through its Art Foundation, for its
permanent collection. Her work can also be found in private collections in Europe, USA,
and South America.
After having lived and worked abroad, Britt returned to the US in 2015 and makes her
home now in Phoenix, AZ.
BA Graphic Design – Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany
MFA Fine Arts – Duesseldorfer Kunst Akademie, Duesseldorf, Germany
Lifetime Member – International artists group “ductus06” based in Germany.
Juried member – Arizona Artists Guild, Phoenix, AZ USA

Ellen Nemetz is a contemporary artist based in Phoenix, a former member of the eye lounge artist cooperative, and currently the co-curator of the First Studio Gallery space.

Although Ellen always had an interest in art, she studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. Until her move to Arizona, Ellen was a self-taught artist. Her works are in public and private collections in Europe and throughout the United States.

In this series of paintings, she works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Using her representational style, she places her realistic animals in highly improbable situations. While striving to stay humorous, engaging, and thought provoking, her twisted animal portraits have an element of psychological stress echoing the anxiety experienced by many in an ever more crowded world. Her thought-provoking art explores the difficulty involved in coexisting with those around us.

David Bradley

Born in Louisiana, David embarked on an artistic journey at the age of 11 when he immersed himself in the biographies of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Drawn to the idea of “making things,” the path of an artist seemed a natural and fulfilling choice. Since earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1981, he has passionately engaged in the realms of creation, education, and exploration within the world of clay and creativity.

Currently residing on an urban farm alongside his wife Tess Mosko Scherer, David finds inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of birds, fish, and wildlife that share their space. This intimate connection with nature is the heartbeat of his current body of work.

Crafted on the potter’s wheel, David’s creations come to life through the intricate dance of colored slips, evoking a fresh style reminiscent of folk art or Outsider art. The materials and simplicity of expression employed in his work capture the essence of this artistic tradition.

In his latest series, the birds take center stage on a jar, utilizing the air as their playground and gathering place. Each piece becomes a celebration of the natural world, a testament to David’s deep appreciation for the beauty found in the simple yet profound interactions between creatures and their environment.

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The Big Gulp

Val Hunt

Exuberant Bloom

Denise Duval


Becca Farmer

San Xavier

Jim Kinne

Spring Abundance

Linda Thiel

Sonora Sonata

David Larson

See Me

Kristi James

Sandstone Canyon

David Larson

Reach For The Stars

Debra Goley

Precious Land

Christine Leva

Pink Peonies

Kim Woods


Cynthia Dunn-Selph

Paint Dab Delicacies

Hank Keneally

Night Tiger

Craig Anthony Lomas


Judy Wegenast

Morning Light

Dianne Burkhardt


Maria Karlosak

Mirage Azul

Sue Eddy

Mikel and James, 2/14/23

Matthew Werner

Marguerite’s Hope

Jim Kinne

Maybe We'll Last

Gloria Cuádraz

Love the Shoes

Matt LoStracco

Kolob Canyon Winter

Spencer Mackay


Tal Dvir


Sally Abbey

Go Left

Martha P. Klare


Elise Cousineau


Sue Hunter


Val Hunt

Follow the Leader

Karen Gray

Farmer's Market Flowers

Gloria Cuádraz

Everlasting Love

Roger W Fowler

Dry Canyon Wind

Ellen Van Pelt


Matt LoStracco

Cell Phones: The Lost Art of Conversation

Karen Gray

Cactus Skeleton Revisited

Becca Farmer


Martha P. Klare

Black Elk

Ira DellaMonica

Behind the stage

Maria Karlosak

Ancient Warrior

Dianne Burkhardt

2AM Garden

Melissa Newman Stanchock

Woman of Valor

Christine Leva

Where Once A Tree Was Standing

LeAnn Hileman

Vincent's Flowers

Amy Newton-McConnel

This Artist's Happy Place

Linda Miller

Vince Neil

Martina Lomas

The City is Falling

Joan McGue

The Survivor

Craig Anthony Lomas

The Reluctant Warrior

Ira DellaMonica

The Shaman

Ellen Van Pelt

The Flow of Thoughts

Joan McGue

Butterfly Temple (The Remembering)

Ray Richardson