Acrylic Pouring and the various techniques used with this medium are the emissaries of surprises, high creativity, fun and beauty. Come learn a few “dirty pour” techniques with me. Let’s embark upon an adventure whose results can be gleaned but not fully controlled – hence the beauty of it! This is where the child and the adult meet: excitement and surprises, play and creativity.

All supplies are included to learn four techniques for a supply fee of $25 paid to the instructor at class.

Bela Fidel is a mixed media artist working in Scottsdale, AZ. Bela’s body of work is informed by her
experiences of having lived in three different countries and her exposure to their culture and outlook on life.
Bela has been showing her work for many decades at a variety of art venues, both in Los Angeles and in Arizona. Throughout the years she has been the recipient of prizes, commendations and media publicity.

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Sunday, July 21 |  Noon to 3 pm
$35 for Members | $40 for Non-Members