Abstract expressionist paintings are stories without words. They convey a feeling or idea that is created by the artist using their internal intuition. Marks, colors, brushstrokes, shapes etc. are used in an improvised way. What happens next depends on what came before. The artist takes a journey without a preplanned destination. It is this mysterious process to achieve a new thing of beauty with a life of its own that is the magic.

Ann will share the process she uses to take this journey. Beginning with some exercises to explore individual mark making the class will start and work on the elements of design that will make our paintings our own. This workshop will be fine for first timers or those who took the first Abstract Painting Journey.

Ann Osgood has a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Hawaii. She has taught all ages from First Grade to College. Her works have won many awards and are in collections across the country.

For questions you can contact Cynthia at dunnselphc@yahoo.com

Saturday November 2, 2024 | 10 am to 2 pm
$45 for members | $50 for non-members

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