AAG – AWA Del Decil Scholarship

Jesus Sanchez

Jesus Sanchez-Alvarez is a graduate student in painting & drawing at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Over the last year, he has been the teaching assistant for the “Elements of Drawing” course at the University. His current drawings and paintings attempt to revive historical decorative designs foreign to our fast-paced society through a world he invented consisting of characters who grow ornamented lifeforms through music. Jesus is also interested in incorporating hybrid being imagery in his work which is present through the human-insect composite characters that inhabit his imagined ecosystem

AAG – AWA Del Decil Scholarship

Emily Kray

Emily Kray is a visual artist working primarily in watercolor and cyanotype to investigatethe complexities and fallacies of memory and the past-tense through manipulating our attachment to nostalgic and familiar forms. She began her artistic career by living and working within Las Vegas, Nevada. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2020. In 2021 she began her MFA at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Since then, Kray has received the Jesse Dewar Scholarship Endowment for the Arts, and the Medici Scholars award, allowing her art to branch out into the community.

AAG – AWA Del Decil Scholarship

Eli Fernanda Duarte

I am a 20-year-old Mexican American student in my last semester at Arizona Western College completing an Associates of Arts in Art: Graphics. Once done with AWC I will continue my career at Arizona State University to continue my education and obtain a bachelor’s in graphic design. For me, art has always been part of my life and just amazes me with how creative and diverse art and artists can be. The presented artworks are the result of a school project which consisted in creating a total of 5 drawings based on a selected theme. For this artwork’s theme, I decided to create non-objective spaces that are, in itself, a collage of images I first made a mockup of digitally. The composition of each drawing creates different irregular spaces that each give a different sense of depth and movement throughout the composition.

AAG Scholarship

Philip Henry

Philip Henry V was born in 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona. He identified an interest in art as a student at Cross Creek High School in Augusta, Georgia. In late 2017, Henry relocated to Arizona to get back to his roots and enjoy what he loves, art, where he matriculated at the Maricopa Community College District where Henry obtained Associate Degrees in Communications and Fine Arts from Paradise Valley Community College. Throughout his time in college, Henry emersed himself in community service, using his position as a student club organizer to galvanize support for volunteerism and organize relief efforts.

AAG Halvorson Family Scholarship

Joseph Pillado

Joseph Pillado is a student at Arizona State University studying photography. Outside of
school he runs a media business called Restored Vision Media (RVM). The mission of
RVM is to restore a love of humanity through art and business practices. The self-titled
Restored Vision Project has the goal of expressing to the world the humanity that we all
too often try to take away from specific individuals. The cause of this can be their social
or economic standing, their form of employment, or their appearance. Regardless of the
reason, the often response from others is avoidance when charity is needed most.

AAG Ruth Magadini Scholarship

Patrick Ryan

My process is composed of a series of movements. Each movement is defined by an action that presages the subsequent action. Without predetermining what the finality of the object will be , I attempt to inject my emotions, violent and paroxysmal or hesitant and calculated, to sublimate into the work by articulating and rearticulating the mutable components borne from a multitude of processes that are inspired by and investigate the causal relationship to a obdurate material such as ceramics.

Most recently my work has been about probing familial ties to the craft of vessel-making and my connection to the vessel as an object–using the historical vocabulary of pottery forms as a template to impose my interests in the looseness of ‘psychic automatism’; the objecthood of things with use-value ; the constructiveness of assemblage; and religious and heavy metal iconography. I try to make contrapuntal objects by allowing these dialectical ideas to be in conversation.

AAG Marigold Linton Scholarship
Lola Panco

American-Belarusian painter Lola Panco received her BFA from Salisbury University, in Salisbury, MD. She is currently in her first year of working towards her MFA in painting at Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ. Her work is driven by the desire to explore complex relationships between personal identity and the larger social environment. Her paintings illustrate the individuality, power, and vulnerability of the figure portrayed in its psychological space, where objects, forms, and feelings are mixed and abstracted. Through her practice, Panco investigates the boundaries of contemporary figurative realism by utilizing new materials and unconventional application methods.

AAG Erin O’Dell Scholarship

Maggie Pierce

Maggie Pierce is an artist working and living in Tempe, Arizona. She received her BFA from the University of Texas at Tyler and is currently pursuing an MFA in printmaking at Arizona State University. Her work is primarily image-based, utilizing collage, printmaking, and digital techniques. Using Photoshop as her foremost medium, she searches for ways to push images past documentation, sometimes to the point of unrecognizability

AAG Marigold Linton Scholarship
Jess Tommeraasen

Jess Tommeraasen is from Nebraska where she acquired a BFA degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and studied in New Zealand at Massey University College of the Creative Arts. Tommeraasen completed a Post-baccalaureate at the University of Montana and participated in residencies and workshops to continue her studio practice. She is currently an MFA Candidate at Arizona State University

AAG President’s Scholarship

Jared Peterson

Jared, affectionately known as J-Dog, was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. Earning degrees in both English and Ceramics from West Virginia University, he has worked all around the world, and documents his experiences in his art. From teaching in Malaysia on a Fulbright grant to his recent long-term residency at Red Lodge Clay Center, Jared’s practice doesn’t exist solely in the studio. In his personal life, Jared loves to play outside. When not in the studio, you can find him fly fishing or hiking in the National Forest. His work has been exhibited both internationally and nationally, and he is a current graduate student at Arizona State University.