President’s Letter 2013-14

The Arizona Artists Guild was founded in 1928, just 16 years after Arizona’s statehood. AAG was then and continues to be a place for artists of all types to gather together for creative sharing and learning. Since that time many notable artists have come through our doors. Today AAG has over 300 active members ranging in artistic experience from the beginner to the retired master.

Arizona Artists Guild continues its tradition of promoting excellence in the arts in all media. Our members’ artwork runs the gamut: with some steeped in tradition while others explore the contemporary techniques of this digital era; from figurative to non-objective. Our workshops, programs and exhibitions convey this diversity.

All who are interested in the creative aspects of life are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, participate in our workshops and join our guild. As artists, we are united in the joys and the struggles of making something new and communicating a message, of mastering tools, materials, and ideas. It’s the creative journey that binds us. We all know that as easy as it may look, real art is not easy.

David L. Bradley


Homeland Security
Medium: metal, ceramic
Size: 26" x 16" x 16"
David L Bradley

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