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The Arizona Artists Guild would like its Casa to be your organization’s Casa for seminars, art demonstrations, workshops, art exhibits or general meetings.  Completed Nov. 1 2009, this building is located at 18411 N. 7th Ave. in Phoenix, AZ 85023.  Mailing address is P.O. Box 41534, Phoenix, AZ 85080.  We are centrally located in a quiet area between 3 main freeways; the I-17 to the west, the 101 (north loop) and the 51 Parkway to the east.  We have ample parking, good lighting, inside and outside, and plenty of eateries and stores just a mile south on Bell Rd. and a couple of small but good places just across the street.  We have clean ADA approved rest rooms and WiFi on site.
         Check our website at www.arizonaartistsguild.net and click on Calendar of Events to see what’s going on in our building at any time of the year and to see if your desired dates are available.   Contact Maureen McGuire VP for Facilities at mmcguire@fastq.com to schedule a date for your event and to execute the agreement to do so.

         The main room has plenty of room for up to 25 students with most of them having an individual table.   This room can also seat up to 160 people for meetings.  It has gallery and fluorescent lighting and daylight from high windows, an up to date hanging system on two walls as well as movable partitions sufficient to hang approximately 100 paintings.  There are four clean-up sinks on the west wall.
         In addition, there is also an adjacent “Small Studio” suitable for small groups of up to 8-10 artists or for small meetings.    

         We have 18 tables 30”x6’, 16 of them fold and stack onto rolling carts and an 8' long demonstrator’s table with a demo mirror all set up and ready to go.  The flip side of the mirror has a dry-erase board.  There are 80 stacking chairs on rolling carts. We also have a rolling model stand and a rolling mat cutting worktable which doubles as a display surface.  We have about 16 easels, 3 small 2x4' tables, some stools and palette tables. 
         Also, we are initiating a new "Art Supply Exchange”- a small store where we accept donated art supplies and sell them at very low prices.   There is a small kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker.  It has a serving counter open to the big room for light refreshments.  We are happy to place flyers of your event on display and bulletin board if your event is open to other art community members.  For a small additional charge, we can provide a microphone system, a digital projector and screen.

A few things you should be aware of:

1. We are an all volunteer organization and do not have paid staff.  We ask each user to be responsible for setting up and cleaning up the available furnishings for your event.  This is easy to do for your own volunteers.

2. We usually have a continuing class booked on most Saturdays in the Small Studio adjacent to the big room.  Each group is asked to respect the other by keeping voices reasonably quiet.

3. We sometimes have exhibitions hanging on two walls and on our movable mounting partitions.  The partitions can be moved aside to allow for your event. 

4. Occasionally there may be a meeting scheduled on an evening when a workshop is going on during the daytime.  We have been able to accommodate both by moving tables to the sides and back again the next morning.  We ask your cooperation.  All our furnishings are easily moved. 

5. The kitchen is available, but you must provide your own food, drink, utensils and paper goods and remove any leftovers.  We have a large dumpster in the parking lot for waste products.

PRICING  Large Room
  • $80 for a block of three hours
  • $20 for each additional hour
  • $165 per day for single day or multi-day workshops (9AM-4PM with extra time allowed for set-up clean-up)
  • $300 for a three week Exhibition of two-dimensional artworks
PRICING  Small Room
  • $50 for a block of three hours
  • $10 for each additional hour
  • $90 per day for a class from (9AM to 4PM with extra time allowed for set-up & clean-up)

No contract will be written for less than a block of three hours.  The initial block of 3 hours must be on the same day and contiguous to any additional hours.

All users will sign a contract that spells out all responsibilities and liabilities, including leaving the space as clean as it was found.  As a matter of simplicity, we will not be requesting deposits for cleaning and damages, but we may implement this practice on a case-by case basis as our experience warrants.


Old Timer
Maureen McGuire
Vice President for Facilities

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